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Welcome to the Kosho Ryu Kempo Australia Website.
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Dojo location: 58 Silverdale Rd, Silverdale 2752
What you will read & see in this website is an understanding of the beautiful art of Kosho Ryu Kempo.
If you are a student of the Martial Arts or interested in learning Martial Arts, you will see where Kosho Ryu has come from to give you an understanding of why this art is what it is.
The depth to which Kosho Ryu takes the study of Fighting Arts is due to its seven hundred & fifty years of development.
Kempo is the study of natural laws & principles pertaining to how we perceive movement & motion in the human body.  As human beings we all move relatively the same, understanding human movement & one's behaviour in conflict prepares one if you're placed in a position of conflict.
The Kosho Ryu practitioner studies to understand that to gain knowledge & true understanding of the Martial Arts, they must be open minded & listen without judgement or ego, after all, it is when ego is lost one can find true harmony within them self & then harmonise with any given environment they the Kosho Ryu practitioner is placed in.  Ego itself manifests into many emotions & motives that cause emotions to surface such as jealousy, anger, resentment, betrayal & hatred.  A Kosho Ryu student seeks to void themselves of ego so that one can learn not only to be a better Martial Artist, but a better human being.
The objective of the Kosho Ryu Kempo-ka is to be able to relate to everything, abandon prejudices & thus rid conflict from your life.  Conflict is usually created from differences (the opposite of similarities) of opinion, pertaining to physical or philosophical prejudices.
Once you eliminate conflict, emotional or physical & understand laws & principles, you learn to see yourself as the root of all of your conflict.  Once the source of conflict is known, it can be eliminated.  Happiness is the result.  Kempo-ka become content, able to harmonise with & accept life's events & able to control their environment.  Once you learn to control yourself & your environment, controlling or redirecting an attacker is possible as well.
The Kosho Shorei Ryu Bujutsu (martial arts) are based on the study of the preparatory arts.  This life-study occurs 24 hours a day, & is the most important aspect of Kosho Shorei, True Self-Defense.  The preparatory arts teach the Kempo-ka to control his environment in a way that inhibits conflict from taking place.  In this way, he is able to live in harmony with his environment & the people in it.  The preparatory arts allow students to structure themselves such that they effectively prevent self-generation of what we call negative stimuli.   This element of control allows one to eliminate self-conflict.
It is important for the Kosho Ryu student to not become a Bundy clock martial artist that only trains when in the dojo, a student should take home what they learn in the dojo & digest it, practice & gain a better understanding of what was taught during class.
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